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Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Thank you KarenT. Yes the colors make me happy, and I think they have focused my attention more on my once and future projects as well. A little bit of nip in the morning air hasn't hurt either.

I saw this on Facebook and didn't at first realize the photo was the piece you were talking about! Love the colors. Sometimes it is so energizing to whip out something nice and snuggly and get it done, it starts the engines revving up for bigger projects. And this one is kicking off the fall wardrobe as well! Good for answering the siren call. K

Mater, Arent those colors yummy?  It is nice to find something so perfect now and then.  And good to give in to temptation occasionally.

hh, yes, Gina; I think we were all doing loopy things that evening.

I see the siren song of Point 5 lured you, and I hear a bit of "Celeste" in the phrase "loopy thing". I hope you are well.

Great colours! And this is the perfect way to use this kind of novelty yarn, right near your face where its sumptuous texture can be appreciated

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