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Monday, September 05, 2005


Mardel, things are much the same in Michigan. Just last year, I too wondered what had become of my psyche when I was looking forward to winter, no leaves, and the sun reflecting off the snow. WHAT!?! I am a Spring person! But here's another goody for you: watch what happens when you take the screens down for the winter. Voila! even more light!

I have a single sock sitting at my knitting chair, too. My sis's birthdy isn't until January 3rd...there will be time. ;) I have to finish up a beret that I'm working on for a challenge, and then weave a scarf to match. This weekend I'll be heading north for a 'retreat' w/ my 3 closest weaving buddies, and I'll be loom-less there, so will finish up the hat. It needs something more, so will be knitting my first flower embellishment!

To more light!
Nancy JC

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