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Monday, February 26, 2007


I vote with Susan. Yes, the additional yarn will be another expense, but I know you had your heart set on converting this vest to a cardigan, and I think you should execute your vision...otherwise you'll end up like me, ripping out everything you knit and hiding the yarn.

While I agree with your idea of adding sleeves, I also sympathize with your angst. I've been beset with a vision for a sweater, and I can't find a pattern to satisfy the vision. This leads to a lot of knitting, re-thinking, and ripping *sigh*.
My overall philsophy is that you should buy the extra yarn and knit it to satisfy yourself completely. Otherwise, why bother--half just won't do. (Surely the people that sold you the kit will have more of that dyelot.)
However, I will say that my innate unwillingness to spend a lot of money on clothing rarely lets me follow this philsophy. :)

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