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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Semi-retirement can be fun, if you are faced with multiple tasks and have the luxury of choosing the next one to attempt. It is true that a task expands to fill the time alloted to it, and you will accomplish more tasks if you limit the time you allow yourself for each. However, you are then faced with a question of quality. With housework, I find that limiting the time can be carried to an extreme. I don't care HOW clean it is, just that I did try to clean. Tasks that produce income require more time, so that I can get it 'right'--not perfect, just correctly done.
With knitting, I find that unlimited time produces the best product. Knitting is pleasurable. Re-knitting might not be as much fun, but it is still pleasureable, and it will give me what I want--a satisfying product.

Just fix the stitches with a crochet hook...no need to rip all the way back unless you like ripping for therapy....

I've noticed the younger women who write knitting blogs call ripping back, 'frogging'...I wonder the etymology of the term.

Remember the Rice Stitch Cardigan dilemma? When you didn't have enough yarn to realize your dreams? I told you to buy the yarn to make the project you really wanted. I am telling you know to rip that shell because those stitches will haunt you when it's time to seam.

And the title of your latest read made me laugh out loud!

2 steps forward, one step back...such is the way I think sometimes.
Hugs GF

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