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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mardel, two beautiful sweaters.
Seeing your pile of yarns next to the pattern pics, I just remembered about some Diakeito ribbon I purchased a couple of years ago that didn't end up in the project it was destined for. It would be Perfect in the first cardi you posted, I'm thinking in place of the Victoria. I've been eyeing that one too on the Anny Blatt site. So many ideas, so little time... ;)
Happily awaiting your progress pics.

Mardel, it is so wonderful to see the photo of the pattern sample alongside the photo of the recommended yarns. My imagination leaps.

Please visit my new knitting blog, http://3sleeves.blogspot.com/

Um, I might have tagged you, but you can ignore, I just wanted you to visit.

I was knotingale.

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