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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Your tank looks great, and I love your color combination. When I did my linen tank, I handwound the balls because that was my only option. I had no problem with them. Now that I am the proud owner of a ball winder, I would have used it and gotten your results, I'm sure. Nice to know there are times to just wind it by hand. Oh well, it's good exercise walking back and forth as I pull on my swift!

The tank is looking great! I recently made a scarf with some handdyed/painted linen and loved working with it. It gets very soft after washing too.
But... on the subject of a center pull ball... I checked out Amy Singer's new book, "No Sheep for You", and she categorically states that center pull balls for non-animal fiber yarns are a disaster waiting to happen. The animal hair balls stay put by dint of their grabby nature, but the slippery celulosic or silk yarns collapse and tangle.
She said to go for a hand wound ball. As you were supecting.

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