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Sunday, August 19, 2007


oh I have so much to catch up on I can see - but I'll just leave this for now - I have to get back to muslins...more later on that.
anyway, I hope that baby Owen does get to wear this uber-cute pullover. Baby clothes are baby clothes - what is this phobia with men and their color preferences - makes me want to go 'argh'

btw, looking at your inventory of rowanspun 4 ply, I can see that we each have many of the same colors. I love that stuff. Absolutely love it. I knit an Elspeth Lavold top using it double stranded last year - one strand emerald and one strand midnight - created a gorgeous blue-green. pics are in my flickr album if you want to have a look.

Hah - haven't you ever seen the colour combos that small children pick for themselves! They love everything and anything that is bright & fun - this sweater is RIGHT UP THEIR ALLEY - so to speak! 'Tis only adults who adhere to the 'does work/doesn't work' mantra when it comes to specific shades & certain genders. Children certainly don't self-limit the way that we do...... My 2-year old son loves his pink baseball & baseball bat, and happily chose that set over the yucky pastel blue option......


Indeed, it is very adorable and very gender-neutral in color. I can't see that anyone would say this sweater is "girly". I'm guessing it's Cotton Stria.

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