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Saturday, January 19, 2008


What a good idea! I always love L'Atelier's designs. Maybe on your next visit to SoCal we can spend an afternoon there.

I hadn't heard of this before - using fleece to make a test piece for looks/sizing a knitting pattern is a great idea. I have a few sweaters I'd like to knit up but have been unsure of how they'd look on me. I have avoided them since I didn't want to put all that effort into something I'd be unhappy with at the end - I will have to try this!

I wonder if the ribbing round the front square opening will firm that edge? Especially if you make it a bit wider and do a fairly firm cast off (US - bind off -I think)
I think it may stretch enough to fit your hips...

And my tension swatches are often a bit tighter - I've always thought because there isn't any weight pulling down with the few stitches used..dunno!

Do you think short rows would be an answer for the fit in the bust?

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