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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, I have gone through periods where I had this problem with lots of sweaters, but I seem to be getting my feel for it now. At first I was ready just to toss the whole thing in the garbage, but time, and unraveling has helped me to come up with other ideas. Sometimes the flow of creativity seems a bit rocky.

And yes, it was so nice to see the details of fit work out, because I was really knitting by the seat of my pants, with no plan and no maths: just try it on and knit some more. Sometimes, it seems, the intuitive approach is the best.

I find this a problem with sweaters, altho' I'm very, very pleased with the latest one. At least I'm enough of a process knitter that I carry on optimistically to make sweaters, but it's frustrating when they don't flatter -- especially since I refuse to wear clothes that I have to talk myself into. But it sounds as if you have a plan for the yarn, and at least you know that the sweater fit was flattering.

I applaud your decision. Not because I didn't like the yarn and the style of the sweater, but I admire that you can abandon the project once you realize it doesn't work out. I usually finish it and put it in a drawer, thus using up not only time and yarn but storage space.

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