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Thursday, June 05, 2008


I once ran out of yarn knitting asweater for my husband. I realized I was going to run short before I started the sleeves so I was able to make it work by adding a band of color at the top of the sleeves and I also had to do the collar in the band color. Stuff happens.

I knitted my set-in mood indigo sleeves in the round from the top down a la Barbara Walker. It looks and wears fine. There were a few gaps where I switched colors at the cap, knitting back and forth. But, I used the tail ends of the wool to duplicate stitch the gaps. It is only noticeable, if you look really closely and carefully. In reality, even I don't look that closely.

I agreed about the graduation ceremony--free ice cream and a water balloon fight would have been perfect. Your ribbed top looks great--I love that Missoni yarn. One thought--I knitted a sweater in the round last year where I picked up stitches around the armholes on a circular needle. Knitting those sleeves in the round was like twirling a pound of wool/acrylic around a chopstick. With your sewing experience, setting in a knitted sleeve will be easy. Good luck!

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