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Monday, October 27, 2008


I enjoyed reading about your knitting on this project.
Another needle art to consider.

I better start with something easier. This gives me something to shoot for.
Thanks for the inspiration. hmmmm.

I am working on this vest with a Rowan big wool. After having problems with the provisional cast on for the second half of the back, I'm completing both front pieces first. My question on the back is when you picked up the stitches, are the rows off a half stitch? My knit shop tried doing something different, picking up a row up, but there is definitely a seam, and I think I like the half stitch off wih a less obvious seam. Wish the instructions described this better. HELP.

I really like this vest, and dare I say that it's rather like a bolero. I think you can wear this with just about anything. With that collar, you either want a turtleneck or you want nothing. I would also like to see you play with some simple, but dramatic, closure options. See you Thursday.

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