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    1. To knit with a reverse stitch. 2. Thread made of twisted gold or silver wire. 3. To flow with a curling or rippling motion as a shallow stream does over stones.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


That truly is a great knitting pattern, and will make a lovely scarf. I like the color as well.

What a perfect inspiration! That scarf is gorgeous. I need to buy that book.

That last comment was mine. I didn't realize I was not signed in.

I knit that scarf pattern a few years ago. The result is my most favorite scarf. If someone had knit it for me, I would be tremendously grateful. I think it will make a great gift scarf.

I've done a similar pattern in a Seasilk scarf before and really enjoyed working it and now enjoy wearing it -- as you say, just enough challenge to be interesting, but not so much that you can't pick it up and figure out easily where you should be. The gloves are lovely as well.

Great gloves, but I LOVE the scarf pattern! It is such a pretty pattern, and the way you describe it makes it sound perfect for knitting as well. Good luck getting a lot done tonight. I have a project started that I hope will be good for watching the results with too.

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