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Monday, January 05, 2009


Oddly enough, I remember that yarn, but I can't remember the pattern for which it was intended either. Granted, it is your stash, and why should I know... But we (the knitting group) all seem to remember patterns and projects for each other with alarming clarity. I'm alarmed that I cannot remember. I'm curious to know which pattern it was.

I've felt this way about all my fabric for a while, and I'm terrible about writing down exactly what the brilliant idea I had for it when I ordered it was. I'm trying to do better on that, but I'm really trying not to buy more fabric, or yarn, until I use up some of what I have. Says she after buying 4 lengths this Saturday, and a bag of yarn too. Good intentions. We know where they lead!

Did you read The Yarn Harlot's post for today which ends with her validation of the stash and the economic sense it makes? Maybe you need to . . . But I do know what you mean about getting overwhelmed.

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