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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I don't see why our blogs must be separated by theme, after all our lives are full of diversity and everything together makes who we are. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

I think the blog merge will be very successful.

What a lovely piece you've written here, Mardel! I'm glad you've found a way to continue blogging -- I'd truly miss you if you stopped. I think that holding all your activities in one blog makes perfect sense and your various readers can weave in and out of them as they see fit -- I originally thought my blog would be a knitting blog, but it very quickly showed me it had other plans . . .

Oh, I'm so glad you're planning to continue to blog. Halfway through, I suddenly feared you were planning to quit, and I would miss your voice and presence so very much. I see no problem with your having many subjects on one blog. It will be exciting to see what category your new posts fall into, like a small treasure hunt. Lovely china closet and what beautiful pieces and memories.

I understand your need to organize the things that crowd your life. I hope the blog consolidation works for you as well as the china cabinet dusting did.

I'm happy to hear that you have a certain peace back in your life. It's sounds like this blog can be a way of moving on with your creative endeavours and act as an outlet for your ruminations. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Quite a revelation, I think, this needing to merge all the pieces. You may have felt disjointed, but reading your blogs over the past year or two has shown how lives are made up of so many different parts. Even from my seat, it feels good to have everything falling together into one. I hope it continues, I think you're due. K

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