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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I love the vest itself -- the beading is fabulous!
I like the spirit, at the very least, of the top left photo, down to the jean cuffs. What is distracting me is the extra horizontal lines of the barring on the shoes -- I wonder about a nude shoe and a bare leg. . .
I'm impressed at how methodical, analytical, thoughtful you are about the whole process.

Hmm...don't I know this all too well? The Maarit Shrug is my most recent example. I think trying on (and photographing) all of your clothing options with Mine was a stroke of genius. I will have to do that more in the future as well.

The new jeans (lower left) are super flattering.

Mardel, "Mine" is a beautiful piece, and I think to showcase it best, you would want to show it over a noncontrasting color. A grey camisole underlayer (yes, just an underlayer) would provide modesty coverage. With bare arms, over grey straight leg pants and grey or black heels it would be gorgeous. Alternatively, for colder weather, layer it over a grey low-necked t-shirt and tight fitting pants and flats or heels. Beautiful work!

What a great post. Vision vs. reality is a problem for me, too. I love those photos--it's like getting to peek in on a dressing room. They provoke fun memories of shopping trips with my girlfriends. As to shopping--where are you shopping? I can usually find long t-shirts that are scoop-neck or v-neck. Granted, they are not long enough for you, but I wear a smaller size. I'm sure the larger sizes are even longer. Take Mine shopping and you might find the perfect t-shirt or shirt, maybe a long one with wide sleeves. It's a pretty sweater and deserves to be shown off. As to those jeans--I assume if you keep them, you plan to cut off that cuff and hem them? I think it's the cuff that makes your legs look shorter.

I really like it in the bottom right photo - the line of the blouse with the vest are good. And the jeans look terrific. (Don't forget to go to the Gap and try on others!) I do think the cut of the vest (in the waist area) is challenging but you're working it well. Maybe a belt of some sort would highlight your waist while you get to show off that lovely beading.

I like the bottom right, don't know why, but it appeals to me more. Sometimes these things do need to cook, or age, or mature in the mind. I think you have the bones of getting it right, though! K

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