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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I've been wearing granny shoes all my life. Fortunately, Doc Martens and Keds were in fashion in my teens.

I am appalled at the heel heights in the stores and on women's feet right now. It was proven over 20 years ago that heel heights over 2.5" do permanent damage to women's knees and hips. Yet, one of the women's magazines made light of this (with an accompanying photo of 8" heels) and advocated doing exercises so that one can wear extra high heels.

I have systemic arthritis. I take very good care of my joints. I keep my weight down, exercise nearly every day, and always wear low, stable shoes.

Yet, my orthopedicist's office is full of women getting knee and hip surgery because of their shoe choices and/or obesity. (That's what the orthopedicist told me.)

As we debate universal health care, I think more attention should be paid to behaviors that damage one's health. We seem to be in agreement that smokers should pay more. We are debating a tax on unhealthy food. Why isn't a Jimmy Choo tax on the table?

Bravo! I'm currently icing a sore heel/ankle and trying to decide whether to blame it on over-training (I've been increasing my running mileage) or on the heels I've been wearing more now that school's back -- how foolish that I try to find ways to avoid giving up the heels even when I see that they jeopardize my activities!

As much as I love heels, I cannot wear them for an entire day of city walking. However, flats don't seem to be the answer either with the PF. The best option does seem to be a 2" heel from a company such as Clarks, Sofft, etc.

I'm not even 40 and I can't do those thin soled kitten heels very happily. The skinny heel means there isn't much over which to diffuse the weight! And aren't you so lucky to have gone to NYC! I can only imagine what a fantastic day of shopping you had. Show us your new loot!

Over the last year or so, I have found that my feet are less and less forgiving of cheap, non-supportive, poorly padded shoes. I still have my 4' stilettos, but those are reserved for "sitting around" days. On the days when I have to be standing, walking and chasing students around the school, I stick to my Clarks and Naots. Life is too short to have sore feet!

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