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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I won one of these (diff brand I think) from a blog contest and, while I totally loved getting it, it didn't really work for me because it was too small and I couldn't fit my fingers inside my bag and then inside the inner bag to find what I needed. I think I need a more malleable version. I really wish it worked though, because I'd love to be able to change up my bag by popping the inner container out of one sack and into another.

Wow, just what I was needing to organize my backpack for an upcoming trip to Africa.

It's on its way to me.


I bought an organizer a few years back but don't end up using much because it's not nearly as usefully designed as is your friend's. That one looks brilliant!

I'd seen something similar to this some time ago, but this version that Lyn created is more streamlined and useful. If I owned more than one handbag...

This is fantastic!!!! If you saw the inside of my purse you would see that it looks like a Radio Shack and a Sephora exploded into my purse.

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