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Thursday, September 10, 2009


What a great idea to "journal" your outfits and really take a look at yourself from an angle other than the mirror.

Let me go on record as saying that the crew neck is a friend to very few. I think only the smallest of busts can wear that neckline without it looking to frowsy/frumpy or just plain "blah".

I do like the twist of the teal top, but I do agree that there's something that keeps it from being 100%. I'm not sure what it is, but I think that neckline and bust detailing would work better with long sleeves.

What a great spin on "what not to wear".

Your photography set-up is probably a great way to get to Une Femme's Cinderella wardrobe -- too systematic for me (I'm just not that organized) but it becomes so clear what works, what's ho-hum, what's fabulous (that dark brown v-neck is great on you!).

Very interesting. You might want to check out myshape.com, which helps you classify your body type and suggests flattering styles based on it.
I'd comment on what I think looks good, but since you're ignoring my advice about those cuffed jeans, well, never mind. They all look ok.

These are some great looks. I actually think the red crew neck looks great on you. For your figure, I think fitted tops are terrific. They emphasise your narrow waist and long legs. The boxier tops really don't do that to the same extent. I like the grey reworked jersey top without the belt - though I probably prefer it with. And the brown knit top with the coral pendant at the chest is incredibly flattering. Doesn't emphasise hips at all.

Wow, I love that Hot Patterns top on you. Did you have any problems fitting it? I haven't had a lot of luck with HP as of yet.

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