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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Oooh, luscious fabrics. The super 130's and the remnant are divine and I don't think I've ever seen wool that fine before.

Ooooh yummy! I love that silk print. And wool that fine? Very hard to resist -- glad you didn't! Your post reminded me of fabric-shopping trips I used to make -- a different kind of satisfying than yarn-buying. I do miss sewing. Retirement looks more and more appealing . . .

That knit is TDF!! I love it! Not at all surprised you just had to have it Lol! I think the plaid looks really great draped on your dressform - how about doing something with a cowl or drapey neck? Just a thought, it will look great whatever you decide to do with it :-)

You gotta do a dress w that wool!

Great haul! I love Mood, looking forward to my next fabric foray to NYC. You did good. K

Love the garment district. When I worked in NYC (right beside Bryant Park) I spent many lunches in the fabric shops . . .

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