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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I love to knit but have appalling technique (I hold one needle between my knees--oh dear!) I have however, made myself an Icelandic sweater (my husband sent me the wool straight from Rekjavik!) and numerous scarves for my daughters. I would LOVE to make mittens, but have got lost--several times--when trying to fashion the thumb. Oh dear, again.

Hi! Just found your blog via Good Mom/Bad Mom. I'm an engineer/tech writer who loves to knit and sew, my 86-year-old widowed mom has lived with us for twenty years and has some "issues" and I just finished a year in adult braces at age 53! I had my wisdom teeth out after five years of teen braces, and they said don't bother wear the retainer after that - wrong! Everything shifted, so finally adult braces were in order. I'm so glad I did them, so I encourage you to go for it. Also, I love to cook and have written two specialty cookbooks for people in braces. If you get to a point where it would be appropriate, I'd love for you to review one or both of them (the one I did this year is targeted to adults in braces). Oh, and I love your latest fabric finds; and lastly, if you ever get to Phoenix AZ, there is a bakery cafe with the most amazing Macarons just like on the cover of your new purchase!

I LOVE Japanese Inspired Knits -- haven't bought it yet, and I'm not sure I'll ever have the time to concentrate on process the way a knitter would need to for some of those patterns, but there are some absolute beauties in there!

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