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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I remember you knitting that sweater. It's wonderful that you're more fit, however, the bad side effect is having to revamp the wardrobe. It's difficult enough when you're forced to rethink store-bought clothing, but hand knits and things you've sewn are impossible! Trying belting this for a season.

Oh, you're not going to like this comment much, but...me, myself? I'd wear it through this "boyfriend jacket" style cycle with a black belt (you could change the button colors to black) and some big shoulder pads. And then rip :) hugs, you look so warm and cozy!

I'd rip it out. But first, I'd try making wearing it with the fronts overlapping. If there's any chance you could do that, you could add buttons to make it double-breasted. Unfortunately, that wouldn't change the wide sleeves. For that reason, I'd start by taking off the sleeves, which would possibly leave you with a double-breasted vest. Then, I'd start unraveling a sleeve to see how hard it is going to be to salvage the yarn.

I don't see why cashmere would be problematic to rip (but I haven't had any problem with alpaca either). I don't like ripping "grabby" yarns, like mohair, because of the tangling, but anytime I've had to frog a few rows of cashmere, it's easily done. And there's just too much yummy cashmere in that sweater not to try to retrieve it for something you'll wear. btw, I made the vest version in a black roughspun-ish tweed (softens up when washed but still a bit rustic), and I don't wear it as much as I'd like -- the drama of the collar is often too much, especially since I'm on the short side (not quite 5'4"). Wouldn't rip it, though, because I don't need to re-purpose the yarn. Absolutely would if it were cashmere!

I'd give it a try. The colour is great and I think a more fitted sweater in that material would be great.

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