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Friday, October 30, 2009


you know, I forgot to tell you that I count on you to vet all the current publications. Keep the pics and analysis coming!

Oh, I have the purple tiered silk top above and it is my absolute go-to top! I wear it on its own, or under a blazer or cardi. For whatever reason, it just works for me and I love it. And this one is well made--no puckering. But when I ordered it in toffee, the color was so wretched next to my skin, that I sent it back in a huff.

I've looked at tops like that one (a local franchise, Aritzia, makes several versions) but not tried them on as I don't do much sleeveless. Still, they're so pretty I keep wondering about them and about ways to wear them with a cardi or jacket -- so I'm interested to hear how good it looked -- I imagine you may whip one up for yourself now!
I'll cross my fingers that you eventually find the grey T you want. Meanwhile, that one's a great compromise and the beading is STILL looking so pretty on that sweater!

Great purchases! Love the jersey top and the belt. Isn't it just a pain that so much RTW, even expensive stuff, is made so poorly that we can't even want to wear it?
That sweater with the beaded neckline is so pretty! Glad you found something to wear it with, now that the weather is getting to the point you can wear it.

Too bad about the purple. The colour is amazing. And do most people buy jersey fabric online (i.e. is it hard to find at fabric stores)? Or is it that you don't have a shop near you?

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