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Sunday, November 08, 2009


My favourite is the Myrica (the one with all the darling cables). I am sucker for turtlenecks and cable anyway but that one is special and I do think it would suit you really well.

I especially love the cabled turtleneck and the lacy v-neck! Beautiful!

oh, don't give up on the one you linked to - my fav! I do love Velliere too, and that bottom with the graduated cables - the graduation is so subtle I would have missed it if you hadn't pointed it out - I think I WANT that pattern! ;)
Anxious to see what you've actually decided to start.

I like the bottom one best -- I favour the V-neck as well. The tope is pretty, but the notion of that intarsia makes me cringe -- I'm quite happy knitting fair-isle, but have never enjoyed intarsia! Cables are always satisfying, and those are clever increases, but I have limited use for turtleneck handknits -- cozy, yes, but too many of the buildings I work in are heated too much. If they suit your lifestyle, I'd forget about the style perspective and just enjoy their cuddle factor -- totally worth it!

My fave is the top one. I think they are very complicated patterns. You are very experienced, obviously!

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