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Saturday, November 07, 2009


So much activity! We replaced washer and dryer a few years ago, but I'm dreading other appliances beginning to die (all over 12 years old now, still seem new to me but there are wee signs from time to time .. .).
We had trees done a few years ago, but I've been evaluating again and thinking of big winds -- you'll enjoy the peace of mind.
And congrats on getting some clothes back into circulation -- I've recently trimmed a few pounds as well, and I know it feels good!

Well, I'm also happy to know that we're both stimulating the economy. ;)
I'm interested to know more about your concealers. Maybe I live in a box/cave (or maybe just the midwest) but I'm not familiar with either of those names of cosmetics. Glad to hear that you took care of the trees before the next ice storm.

You are so impressive with your lifestyle changes - and I want a new washer and dryer (but I don't want to pay for them or deal with the hassle of buying them or having them installed). I want the appliance fairy to replace them stealthily overnight sometime :-) Your land is just beautiful. It's like being at the cottage all the time.

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