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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Okay now I understand a little better what you were explaining to me last night. I guess it's the pictures...I'm such a visual girl! *LOL* I hope that muslin number three is the charm!!!

What a wonderful opportunity!

I should add that I am not clear on what you posted. Is the blue line the new cutting line? How you got from the dart to the line is what I am questioning.

It was wonderful to meet you last night! I am intrigued by your pant fitting. Your back crotch looks a lot like mine! Low and flat!
Can you show how you take out the diagonal folds from your pattern? I assume that he is pinning wrinkles out, but it's never been totally clear to me from his pant sloper cd how this is done.

This is just so facinating, Mardel! Thanks so much for posting the pictures of your pattern pieces with the alterations. It gives me more courage to tuck/slice on my own patterns! A question, tho, are the amounts taken out of the right back and front pieces approximately the same or is KK using some other magic to get the inseams to match ? :) Thanks again, this information is priceless! Nedra

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