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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sad, but good. It's a sweater worth fixing. It'll look great once it's done.

oh Mardel, how disappointing and yet how like you to turn the prism to view the event from a positive angle.
Happy new year my friend. Your Christmas sounds magical. I'm so happy that Miriam and family were able to make it.

I'm so impressed! If I got to the stage where I realized a sweater's sleeves weren't going to work without major ripping, thinking, and re-knitting, I would generally let it languish in a basket somewhere for many, many months, and then either unravel the whole thing and put the yarn back into stash -- OR (and I admit this has happened IRL) bag up the whole project and shift it along to Goodwill where perhaps someone else will be happy to unravel and get some decent yarn.
With your perseverance and cleverness, you truly do deserve to have a very Happy New Year, and I'm happy to wish you one. I've enjoyed your blog posts so much over the past year and hope for many more in 2010.

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