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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Gorgeous sweater. Wish I could handle such a project, but haven't been knitting for about 15 years. But I might just buy the magazine to have the pattern.

I am thinking of knitting the top jacket, but only the sleeves, yoke and center front panels. I would sub a flowy knit fabric for the pleated lower body. A knit/sew combo. That would make it lighter and faster to make.

Drop everything and start knitting that top one! It's fantastic. The cable at the back is just stunning. But it looks difficult...

Although I'm wary of alpaca other than at laceweight, knit into scarves, I do think it would give that sweater the drape that is such an important characteristic of it. Other than a silk-blend or bamboo, I'm not sure you'd get that from another fibre. What are you thinking of subbing?

I feel the same about the first jacket, I wanted to drop everything and start knitting now. Maybe after I finish the seams on the 2 sweaters that are waiting...

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